Your Writing Will Naturally Attract Readers With These Simple Traits.

Write like a child, learning about the world for the first time.


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Disclaimer, don't be ignorant and assume I am suggesting you write with ignorance (lack of knowledge as the word is defined)

Write with heart.
Writing with heart is not the same as writing from the heart. Though one can be a subgroup of the other. You see, writing with heart is the ability to write things that others dear not write but would readily read. The things that are forbidden. Things that we all know and think, hear and see every day but wouldn't dear speak on for fear of being labelled and judged. Often times its the truth. And it takes a lot of heart and bravery to write the truth. But write it nonetheless. It might spark up and ignite conversations, and set the writing world ablaze.

And to be honest, some of these conversations are dutifully long overdue within our society. What better excuse to use to talk/write about them, than with the creative art of writing. Writing creates a safe space for ‘words’ to be said without fear or favour. I am referring to conversations that need to be normalized. Some of these conversations talk about; how some feminists display extreme misogyny (feminisogyny- I am giving myself permission to make a new word). And how women can also be toxic, liars, and cheaters.

How religion has given birth to so much hate and destruction. How some technology and modern medicine are borderline inhumane. How companies are micro governments. How racism is a social construct that was installed and is still being funded to sustain European supremacy. And how when children of African descent are taught about racism they are taught with ignorance instead of intelligence. How they become what they are taught to hate and that anchors them deeper into the cycle of self-hate.

Write with honesty.
Write with honesty even if your readers will make fun of you. Even if they will rise up against you in unified fear of being called out to stand in the light and face the music. Write about what you know to be true. Write with vulnerability and clarity. Not the clarity embedded in the skill of weaving literary devices, but the clarity that will give your conscience…



Jodian Marie Thomas, MS, Bsc, Asc

Research Coordinator and Experimental Physicist. My love for reading, communicating, sharing thoughts, ideas, advice and little ‘picker-upers’ brought me here.