The Little Narcissist That Could

Jodian Marie Thomas, MS, Bsc, Asc
10 min readAug 5, 2022

I am a little annoyed I didn't get to play.

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A Personal Note To My Fiance: You are amazing. You guarded and protected me so many times without me knowing. You protect my peace and my space with such passion. I didn't even get to have a good laugh at the narc because you disposed of the garbage and its stench long before I had a chance. Thank you for protecting me. I'll always go to bat for you. Love you always.***That is how you remain a strong unit. Not by tearing down your towers from within.***

The little narc vs the little engine

The little narcissist that could is a play on the Little Engine That Could. You all know Thomas, he was a brave little engine. He showed strength and courage when it was needed most. He was pure, full of wonder, innocence and integrity that made him clever, fearless and strong.

The little narc, on the other hand, that's is a wildly different story. The little narc is sad, angry, desperate, pathetic, pitiful, weak, coward, mentally ill and probably lonely.

Their sadness-anger-desperation-misery-weakness-cowardness-mental-illness is a long rope with giant knots that wraps around their necks and slowly strangles them day and night. So give them enough space and time to lengthen that rope. Before long they will be hanging from it.

When they are like this it is because it's starting to get darker and darker. And lonlier and lonlier. And narcissists are afraid of the dark. They need a supply of light to keep the dementors away. They need fresh energy to feed on. Because they are not brave enough to face the dark and conquer it with the light from within. Maybe there is none. Maybe it went out. Maybe their spirit was broken, crippled or died. Or maybe it is genetics and they are biologically wired to be consumed by the dark.

Some narcs have seen what the dark has done to others. So they are afraid. Maybe they have seen their parent and or siblings get dragged away in the dark. So they are afraid the same will be their fate too. If they are genetically predisposed, their fate is sure. Soon they too will be running in the streets with mental hysteria. So they rather not. Instead, they go in search of light elsewhere.

There is nothing special

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