The Earth Is Not Dying, It’s Being Killed.

No murderer is more criminal than the ones responsible for killing the earth. — JMT


Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

Our Earth is not dying, it's being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses. Utah Phillips

The question then is, how do we find these people and hold them responsible? I believe the honest answer to this is to start with ourselves. We are the inhabitants of the earth. Were are the ones who benefit from her resources? It is our responsibility to clean up after ourselves and make every effort to leave our planet, as humanly possible, close to how we found it.

We can act responsibly to preserve the natural state of our planet. We can curb our appetites and conserve the earth's natural resources. We can be mindful of our actions to reduce pollution. We can replace the things we have taken and reuse or recycle the thing we can. We can make sustainable choices that will benefit the earth long after we have decayed. When we are no longer able to walk on Her surface, breathe Her air and consume Her energy. We can leave a healthy world behind, even if we are not the ones to benefit from it.

We can interact with the cosmos and intercede on our planet’s behalf. We can tap into our meta-physical selves and see that we are already enough and that less is more. We can realize that even after physical death, our essence will still have the privilege of existence. We can keep our planet in orbit and prevent her from dying, until the universe sees fit. We can heal her as she heals us and build a bond that transcends our time. So that whether we are here or were, she will remember us.


We should make every effort to conserve the earth's natural resources. The air, water, landscape and lifeforms. We should try and use only what we need. Because of bad habits and attributes like greedenvy and selfishness, we waste more water, land and food than we consume. We are taking away more and faster than Gaia can naturally provide for us. And it’s not like we are eventually distributing it. We are misusing, hoarding and wasting while others go without.

Our celebrities and politicians are no exception to the laws of conservation. It is no…



Jodian Marie Thomas, MS, Bsc, Asc

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