Self Commitment: The Secret To The Art Of Consistency

Here lie all the rewards worth living and dying for.


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Consistency is a requirement for advancing in life. Yes, it is an effective proficiency for making lots of money or being in the best physical shape. Those are advisable ways to sharpen and test your metal. They do yield lovely rewards. Still, there is an infinitely interthread, multi-dimensional fabric in which the art of being consistent is embedded.

The fabric of the self

The commitment to the self is the price we pay for exclusive access to the artistic visions in the art of consistency. Secrets that are only gifted to those who have mastered the self or are diligent scholars in that discipline. True conquerors of life’s hardest battles. True Victors. True Legends.

It’s about learning who you are. Commit to showing up for yourself with gratitude, humility, determination, and self-awareness. Whether in good moments, bad moments, ugly moments, or moments of indifference. Each moment is but a lesson to be learned on the journey to self-mastery(The Mother of Evolution). Each lesson is an opportunity for transformation. The lessons are the windows through which we get to witness the making of the best version of ourselves. A complete yet ever-evolving masterpiece. And the preview is exclusive only to those who are consistent at showing up for themselves.

To be a good scholar in any art/discipline, one has to be consistent at showing up. Showing up for yourself consistently guarantees you the most advantageous vantage point, the window seat, “the shot-gun” view with the driver-passenger accessibilities.

The Goods

The goods are the blessing we get to enjoy. The love and loyalty of family and friends. The moments we can cherish and use as time capsules to remind ourselves why it's in our best interest to keep going no matter what. It's the gratuity, pay, and stipend we get to enjoy and feel good about our labor. It’s…



Jodian Marie Thomas, MS, Bsc, Asc

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