Life’s Lessons: They’re Not About Deserving.

The only thing we deserve is the result of how we apply what we have been given — Jodian Marie


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Things don’t happen to you because you deserve them. They happen because they are designed to teach you a lesson you need to learn. What you learn is determined by who you are when they arrive. — Jodian marie

All these things will happen to all of us. The good things, the bad things, and the other things We will all experience at least one of these things. We all have the same lessons to learn. God and his universe aren’t partial. Life is unfair for everyone, and that keeps it fair and just for all. We will all get the same number of chances to make the most of our efforts. And for the ones who never got the chance because their lives here on earth were abruptly cut short, the universe has other plans for them. They are in good hands.

So nope, you don’t get what you deserve. None of us is owed anything, so we don’t serve anything. However, we certainly deserve the result of our efforts with the opportunities we were given.

Deserving: (Hear me out; though you don't have to agree with my reasoning)

/dəˈzərv/ — According to Merriam-Webster, "deserve" can mean “to be or make worthy of.”

So to deserve something, we are to be or be made worthy of it. "To be worthy of something" could mean our inherent worthiness. To be made worthy of something could mean that we were made worthy or that we became worthy by being molded into this form of worthiness.

Merriam-Webster also defines deserve as being entitled to something. Whiles, it is okay to think we deserve something because we inherited it or we were made worthy by becoming a worthy receiver of this thing, we most definitely are not entitled to anything.

The universe does not owe us anything. Yet we were gifted the single most valuable thing it has to offer. Existence! What greater gift could we ever receive? And It is my personal belief that to be…



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