8 Keys To Unlock Your Self-Mastery

“There is no smaller or greater mastery than the mastery of the self.” — Lionardo da Vinci.


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When I think about self-mastery, what comes to mind is my preparedness to evolve in all areas of life with forward progression. The timely, steady and intimate joust with the self is one of the most intriguing wonders that life has gifted us. The opportunity to test our wit and our metal over and over as the difficulty levels of life increase exponentially.

Self-mastery is kin to know thy self. When Socrates urged us to know ourselves, he was trying to tell us that the key to achieving our dreams and preferred future is hidden in our realm of self-mastery. The road to getting there is paved with self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-control, self-confidence, self-love, self-management, self-motivation and self-reliance.

  1. Self Awareness
    Self-awareness is the personal account we have of ourselves. To know ourselves intimately and consciously independent of external circumstances. It is also the ability to understand how external forces impact us. It’s the psychological and heart intelligence that allows us to recognize and choose our interactions with the world. To have a true perception of our personality and personal reality.
  2. Self Acceptance
    Self-acceptance is acknowledging who we are, where we are and why we are the way we are. To know our strengths and weaknesses and accept both with equal value. To choose to be our authentic selves even if it's not what others want or expects from us. To be honest with ourselves and so that we can make space for improvement. To show up as were are until we can show up as who we aspire to become.
  3. Self Confidence
    The main ingredient for humility. The sensation of independence that self-reliance provides. It is the cure for arrogance. Confidence is the big bully that drives out fear and makes room for greatness to blossom. Self-confidence flourishes in the absence of financial, biopsychosocial, and mystical ignorance. Through training our senses, we can trust our abilities, and we learn how to navigate our way through life. Self-confidence is to organically believe in ourselves and know that our dreams are worth pursuing.
  4. Self Control
    The discipline with…



Jodian Marie Thomas, MS, Bsc, Asc

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